Property Management

Kenniston & Associates Ltd can offer you either their complete management package or specific services tailored to your individual needs in the confidence that you are getting the experience and understanding resulting from our many years in the property management business. Unlike estate agents who have a vested interest in selling property, we are in a position to select the best properties available on the market in accordance with your investment criteria. We also provide a complete new build and refurbishment service, designed to be tailored to the requirements of the lettings market.

Financial Advice

Consultation with our financial advisers will enable us to:

  • Outline to you the tax implications pertaining to non-residents and the most effective way of structuring your investment to take full advantage of the available Legislation at the time
  • Assist in the formation of offshore companies and their ongoing management
  • Outline opportunities available for property syndication
  • Prepare and submit your tax returns as your Tax Agents on your letting income
  • Submit Tax Returns as requested

Finding and Purchasing a Property

This is a specialist service we offer to non-residents, tailored to meet individual investment requirements. 


We will identify those areas with good letting potential. Being constantly in close touch with estate agents and developers we can recommend a selection of suitable properties and negotiate the most competitive purchase prices. We can recommend reliable chartered surveyors and solicitors with whom we would work closely to ensure that the purchase proceeds smoothly.

Building and Refurbishment Service

We offer an advisory and comprehensive new build and refurbishment service.

This service can be undertaken in conjunction with our letting and management service or entirely separately and includes:

  • Liaising with builders, decorators and interior designers
  • Obtaining and adjudicating estimates and forwarding these to you for approval
  • Advising on schemes which will maximise the potential of your property
  • Supervising the work as necessary
  • Purchasing direct from the manufacturer or wholesaler at reduced prices to meet  all budgets

The letting market is highly competitive. The higher the standard of property, the better the calibre of tenant you will attract and the quicker the property will be let.

Letting the Property

For this service we will undertake to:

  • Inspect the property and give a rental valuation
  • Advise on the types of tenancies available
  • Take up references
  • Negotiate the terms of the tenancy and prepare the documentation related to the Tenancy
  • Place deposits with the DPS or as independent stakeholders against dilapidations
  • Arrange an inventory check in/check out. Introduce prospective tenants by working closely with the principal relocation agencies, multinational companies and financial institutions and media and Internet portals
  • Property Management and Care Programme: Our comprehensive service is designed to take away the headaches and problems associated with looking after a property.

Landlord Fees

Fees for period of initial Tenancy Agreement 
Lettings and Management Service

18% inclusive of VAT

‘So if the Letting and Management Service was £4,500.00, the fee would be £810.00 inclusive of VAT’

Lettings Service

12% inclusive of VAT

‘So if the Lettings Service was £3,800.00, the fee would be £456.00 inclusive of VAT’

Other Fees 
Preparation of a Tenancy Agreement

£360 inclusive of VAT payable by the Landlord

Preparation of Renewal Documentation

£180 inclusive of VAT payable by the Landlord

Supervision of repairs in excess of £500

12% inclusive of VAT of the total cost to be paid by the Landlord

‘If the repairs totalled £600.00, the fee would be £72.00 inclusive VAT’

Property Inspections£60 inclusive of VAT per visit to include a written report to be paid by the Landlord
Management between lettings

3.6% inclusive of VAT of the annualised rent of the last letting for the vacant period

‘So if the amount was £1,000.00, the fee would be £36.00 inclusive of VAT’

Inventory Charges

Fees of independent inventory clerks for making and checking the inventory at the start of the tenancy will be the responsibility of the Landlord.

The cost at the check out of the inventory is met by the Landlord.

EPCEPC’s are carried out by independent surveyors and fees are charged subject to the size of the property